5 Wedding Gown Train Styles for Your Dream Wedding

Wedding gown trains are back with a vengeance, and we at Bliss Gown are delighted. A wedding gown train is something to be considered quite carefully so if you’re planning on having one, here are a few tips from us on what wedding gown trains are and the 5 popular wedding gown train styles for your dream wedding.

5 Wedding Gown Train Styles for Your Dream Wedding

  • What Is A Train?

A train when it comes to wedding gowns is an extra length of fabric that extends from the back of your gown and trails behind you as you walk. It could be a part of your dress, or it could be detachable depending on which you’re going for. There are lots of factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the style of your wedding gown train. Some of them are your wedding venue, the season and the theme of your wedding. So, without further Ado here are 5 popular wedding gown train styles for your dream wedding.

  • The Sweep Wedding Gown Train Style

The sweep wedding gown train style is the shortest and flows only about one foot along the floor. It is a subtle way to add an accent to a wedding gowns skirt and looks fabulous on a trumpet or mermaid-style gown. This train is perfect for petite brides, brides getting married at a small venue, intimate weddings and brides who love to dance.  

  • The Court Wedding Gown Train Style

The court wedding gown train style is similar to the sweep train style but is a little longer and gives a more dramatic effect. It is known to offer an elegant flowing look with a touch of grandeur when it falls from the waist down.

  • The Watteau Wedding Gown Train Style

The Watteau train style falls from your shoulders or upper back. Picture a cape-like adornment that has heads turning as you walk by. You might not even need a veil with this one! Your Watteau wedding gown train can be made detachable so you can use it on a shorter wedding dress that you’re ready to hit the dancefloor with afterward.

  • The Chapel Wedding Gown Train Style

The chapel wedding gown train extends somewhere between 3 and a half to 4 and a half feet from the bride’s waist. The result is a train that is substantial but not too cumbersome. This gown adds just enough drama to an A-Line gown without being too fussy. It is widespread and perfect for brides of all shapes and heights. If your wedding is in a ballroom, your chapel train will look exceptionally beautiful.

  • The Cathedral Wedding Gown Train Style

With a cathedral wedding gown train, you’ll get a train that is between 6 and a half and 7 feet from the waist. If you’re having one of those formal, black-tie traditional weddings at a dramatic venue, then this is the perfect train to go for. It goes well with A-Line dresses and dresses with empire waistlines, or you can go with the Watteau train style from a column gown. If you’re a tall bride, this train will be great for you, but it really depends on the silhouette of your dress.

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