8 Trendy Fabrics That Are Amazing for Your Wedding Gown

When shopping for your wedding gown, one of the things to pay attention to is the fabric. You see, the fabric of your dress can significantly affect how it looks on you. It can also affect how it looks in your pictures. In fact, your gown can go from classy/formal to cheap/casual just by a switch of fabric! When going for your wedding gown, it’s usually better to go for the trendiest fabrics. That’s why we at Bliss Gown have put together a list of the best in this article. Just keep an open mind, and you’ll be okay.

8 Trendy Fabrics That Are Amazing for Your Wedding Gown?

Here are 8 trendy fabrics that you should do your best to get your wedding gown in.

  • Chiffon

Chiffon is a fabric that is lightweight and light woven. If you’re having a warm-weather wedding, then chiffon would be just the right fabric for you. It does not have any sheen and is the lightest of all the wedding gown fabrics. It is so light that it is often layered or used as an overlay to other fabrics. Big stars like Rihanna, Anna Kendrick, and Lupita Nyong’ o have walked the red carpet with gorgeous chiffon dresses before.

  • Charmeuse

Charmeuse is a fabric that is made with a touch of silk but looks less shiny than silk itself. If you can remember when Selena Gomez rocked that amazing red slip-on dress, that was charmeuse. Charmeuse is very form-fitting when used in a wedding gown and is excellent for flowing styles. It has that elegant sheen that will give you a classy look. It can, however, be a little difficult to alter and is famous for showing every flaw. 

  • Lace

Usually woven from cotton or silk, no fabric adds grace to a wedding gown like lace. A long list of famous brides from Kate Middleton to Kim Kardashian have sampled this fabric, and the results were iconic gowns that we’re still raving about years later. Lace is often used as a detail because of its delicate texture and comes in many types. You can use lace depending on its type, for weddings in any season.

  • Organza

Organza is a stiff fabric traditionally woven from silk. It is somewhere between chiffon and tulle in its stiffness. That means it’s more rigid than chiffon but not quite as stiff as tulle. If you want a skirt with a breezy, effortless look, organza is the fabric to go for. Using multiple layers of it will add volume and drama to a dress without adding too much weight. Jenna Bush, daughter of former president George w. Bush put on a gorgeous beaded organza dress when she got married in 2008. 

  • Satin

Satin is famous as a wedding fabric because it is smooth and has a natural sheen. It is suitable for any body type, but we don’t recommend it for weddings in warm weather. This is because it is heavy. You can have satin that is pure silk and satin that is pure polyester. You can also have satin that is a mixture of both. When future first lady Melania married Donald Trump, she wore a lovely mermaid-style dress made of Duchess satin.

  • Silk

Silk is a traditional wedding fabric that comes in many textures. This makes it suitable for any weather condition. It is one of the most expensive wedding fabrics. Silk cannot, however, be found in pure white and only comes in an off-white color. Victoria Beckham wore a silk ball gown by Vera Wang when she married David Beckham in 1999.

  • Taffeta

Taffeta is a fabric known for the swishing sound that it makes when you walk. It is similar to satin and has a lustrous sheen that is great to look at. If you’re going for a ball gown or a gown with a full skirt, then you should go for taffeta. It can be found in different styles, and quality is measured by how stiff it is. Grace Kelly wore a gown with a skirt made of taffeta for her wedding in 1956. It is considered one of the most iconic celebrity wedding dresses ever!

  • Tulle

Can you picture that light netlike fabric that ballerina’s tutus are made of? That’s Tulle. Tulle is made of silk and nylon, and the drama it creates is suitable for full skirts. It looks fantastic in photographs too. Remember Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries that lasted only 72 days? Well, she wore a Tulle ball gown by Vera Wang at that wedding.

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